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this is a Hottest
01 June 2013 @ 08:56 pm
[sticky post] \o/  
minjun bye

i will no longer be posting fics on this journal.
TODAY, TOMORROW and ANGELS AND DEMONS will be the last fics posted here (click links to view fics and then click rewind. it will be easier to check from masterlist, though)

masterlist for older fics
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this is a Hottest
15 June 2014 @ 01:08 pm
Today, tomorrow
Wooyoung doesn’t want to cross Nichkhun off his list so he can have another tomorrow with him.
au(romance+angst), pg
7,238 words

a/n apologies for the super late update! Life got in the way, my muse and will to continue writing this died and revived several times. But now that I am actually able to write again, I wanted to update this fic first =) some additional notes before I forget again - in the previous chapter, I mentioned Wooyoung and Nichkhun playing a piece on the piano. Wooyoung’s song was To Be Fortunate by Lee Juck, while Nichkhun’s was 2PM’s Beautiful Day =) I hope you will like this chapter (unlikely…)!

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